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A Balanced Approach

At Georgia Power, employing the best methods of generating electricity while minimizing environmental impact is a constant goal. To meet the needs of our 2.4 million customers, Georgia Power has created a diverse energy that delivers sustainable power and enriches the environment in Georgia whenever possible.

We begin with the basics: conservation, recycling and compliance with federal and state environmental requirements. In addition, we help our customers make efficient use of energy. And we challenge ourselves every day to preserve the environment and strengthen the communities in which we live, work and serve.

Cornerstones of Our Commitment

Three principles serve as the cornerstones of our environmental commitment:


We have a good environmental record and are taking steps to improve the environment in the communities we serve, including a $7 billion investment in emissions controls to improve our air quality. Read more about the progress we are making to advance traditional energy technologies.


We must balance environmental requirements with growing energy needs and the economy. Read about our vision to balance environmental stewardship and energy demand.


Providing environmental leadership is fundamental to Georgia Power's vision and our commitment to create sustainable change. Learn about the environmental programs we support to uphold that commitment.

Did You

Georgia Power has planted more than 1.4 million trees across the state over the past five years! Learn how we are improving air quality.

sapling tree held in hands

Did You Know?

In 2014, more than 370 Georgia Power employees took part in 31 projects to celebrate Earth Day.

Get Involved

Join a growing community of Georgians who support our environment and help generate more renewable power through the Green Energy Program.

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