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Resources Management

Georgia Power’s philosophy on waste? Reduce, reuse, recycle. We have committed to an aggressive program that recycles about 40 million pounds of paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and metal per year.

Coal Combustion Byproducts

The vital use of coal as a fuel to generate power results in large quantities of ash and other coal combustion byproducts (CCB); however, Georgia Power promotes reuse of significant amounts of these materials. In a typical year, the company recycles and reuses more than 30 percent of the ash.

Some forms of CCB, like gypsum, result as the byproduct of pollution control equipment used at certain plants. This type of gypsum is similar to naturally mined gypsum, and is often recycled in wallboard and commercial cement. It has also been shown to promote the safe growth of many plants, including turf grass.

In addition, Georgia Power constantly looks for new opportunities to increase uses of these byproducts. Through our parent company, Southern Company, we are involved in several major initiatives to develop new and improved uses of CCB. Safe and beneficial reuse of CCB reduces the amount that must be stored at power plants or in landfills. An extensive system is in place to meet or exceed all regulations governing CCB management, and to ensure safe operation.

employee standing behind paper for recycling

Labor Saver Makes Bill
Printing Greener

Georgia Power prints all of the bills and stockholder communications for Southern Company, producing a staggering 200,000-plus bills per day. The company employs an innovative system that vacuums and shreds excess paper left over once the bills are folded and trimmed. Eventually, the paper ends up in a compactor, where it is pressed into 900-pound bales. The system recycles an average of 8,000 pounds of paper a month.

Paperless Billing

Georgia Power helps customers avoid paper bills altogether through paperless billing. More than 389,000 customers have opted to use this eco-friendly billing system. Help us become even more green—sign up for paperless billing.

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Plant McDonough Construction Goes Aggressively Green

The construction of the new natural gas-fired units at Plant McDonough-Atkinson may be the greenest building project the company has ever undertaken.

The company crushed and reused 19,000 tons of concrete slabs and rocks, sent 195 tons of metal and steel to be recycled, and recycled 23,000 pounds of tires found buried on an adjacent commercial site acquired for new construction.

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Solar Energy

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Did You Know?

Together with the Department of Natural Resources for wildlife management areas and state parks, Georgia Power works to conserve our forests and their wildlife habitats.
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