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Products & Programs

Your home for power savings

Marathon Water Heater


Get a $525 rebate by replacing your gas water heater with a Marathon water heater.

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Water Heater


Save Money and Energy by choosing an electric water heater

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Heat Pumps


Learn about the most advanced heating and air conditioning for your home.

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Power Usage


See a projected bill before it gets to your mailbox and view your daily energy usage with My Power Usage. Learn more.

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Green Energy


Sign up for our new environmentally friendly Green Energy Program.

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Power Credit


Sign up and get a $20 credit on your bill.

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College Students


Visit Campus Energy to turn your power on or to access other useful and money-saving online services.

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Home Energy Improvements


Get personalized energy improvement recommendations for your home.

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Premium Surge


For just a few cents a day, you can protect your electronics and appliances.

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EarthCents New Home

new home

Learn about why EarthCents new homes are better for the homeowner and environment.

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