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Delivering Energy

Power generation is a complicated process. Though complex, Georgia Power knows it is important for our customers to have a general understanding of how our power generation works. Georgia Power relies on a sophisticated system to deliver electricity to our customers. See below for a summary of how the generating stations, substations and power lines work together.

1. Generating Plants

Delivering energy to our 2.4 million customers begins at our 18 generating plants. The diversity of fuels that Georgia Power offers allows a reliable power supply for customers. Get an overview of our different plants and how they produce energy by watching this short video.

Transmission lines against a Georgia sunset

2. Transmission Lines

Think of transmission lines as the highways of electricity. Smaller distribution lines connect to buildings like local streets. From the generating stations, large amounts of electricity are transported on high-voltage transmission lines to local substations. Learn more about the Georgia transmission grid.

Transmission investments are critical to safe and reliable service. We're investing $3 billion on electrical system upgrades over the next few years. See our current expansion projects.

3. Substations

Substations are banks of electrical equipment that convert the transmission line voltage to lower levels that are appropriate for use in local communities. Substations also control the flow of electricity and protect the lines and equipment from damage.

4. Distribution Power Lines

Distribution power lines, which can be installed above ground or underground, carry between 4,000 and 25,000 volts of electricity to your neighborhood.

5. Your Home or Business

A transformer converts the high distribution-level voltage to lower voltage levels (120 to 480 volts) that can be used inside your home or business. Voltage is carefully measured to meet the customer's needs. Transformers can be mounted on poles or placed on the ground.

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Did You Know?

Across the state, Georgia Power owns a network of 18 generating plants and 19 hydroelectric dams. Learn more about our generating plants.

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Our Energy Sources

Our Energy Sources

Learn more about all the energy sources we utilize:

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