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Measuring Progress

Diversity & Inclusion

Georgia Power's Diversity and Inclusion organization measures our company's performance on a quarterly basis and reports this information, along with other key performance measures to our CEO.

Employees are surveyed to track our progress and ensure an inclusive work environment. Areas targeted on the survey include fairness and openness within individual work groups; management and supervision; the selection and development process; and valuing differences.

On average, over 70 percent of our employees participate in the survey. The results are reported for each business unit. The business units then develop action plans that build upon areas of success as well as address opportunities for improvement where needed.

We are proud that Georgia Power has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. We attribute our high employee retention to our culture, work environment, compensation and employee development.

Georgia Power
on Diversity

Our goal is to sustain a culture of diversity and inclusion, where our employees feel valued, respected and productive. Learn More

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

In 2014, less than half of Georgia's newly enrolled first grade class was white. By 2040, more than half of Georgia's population will be minorities.

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