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Power Services

Power Services

Power Services

    As a large industrial customer, it's nice to have an energy service provider who can also deliver some extra support for your business. If your business owns its high-voltage electric system, has critical electrical loads of 500 kW or more, or has land or rights-of-way that need management, Georgia Power's Power Services can help you with:
  • Electric-system design
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Standby generation design and installation
  • Right-of-way vegetation management

Transmission & Distribution

    Finding the best long-term solutions for your business is what Georgia Power's Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Services team does. Our team can provide:
  • Experienced assistance in designing and constructing standby power generation, transmission and distribution systems, and can help keep your system running at peak performance.
  • Long-term solutions, including help lowering your up-front costs and possibly your monthly bill, as well as ongoing assistance as your energy needs change and grow.
  • Turnkey project design and management from start to finish, including lump-sum project pricing and flexible payment options.

Construction Services

    T&D Services can provide construction assistance with many different types of systems, including:
  • Overhead (OH) and underground (UG) distribution systems
  • Substations/OH transmission systems
  • Emergency generator systems

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T&D projects

Vegetation Management

    If you want to spend more time focusing on your business and less time on right-of-way vegetation management, Georgia Power's Vegetation Management team can help you with your needs. We can:
  • Provide a highly trained and experienced staff of certified arborists, registered foresters and licensed pesticide applicators.
  • Create a customized program that fits your particular needs and handles every aspect of vegetation management.
  • Provide and manage vegetation maintenance crews and keep your project in compliance.
  • Offer volume pricing and fast emergency response when disaster strikes your property.

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Emergency Generation

Although Georgia Power is an industry leader in reliability, power interruptions can still occur during a storm or outage. Our Power Services business unit can protect your business 24/7/365 from power interruptions with a >500 kW design-build generator that is both reliable and affordable.

    As a total power-system provider, we can provide:
  • Power system solutions, including service on both sides of the meter.
  • Close coordination with the customer-owned generations-interconnect team.
  • Total utility and emergency power coordination systems.

See how our Power Services team has helped other businesses. View some of our Emergency Generation projects.

Solar Farms

    Interested in developing a solar farm? If you are a Georgia Power customer, we can provide all necessary components to successfully install your electric system facilities from your primary meter to your equipment transformer. These include:
  • Engineering and compliant designs
  • All labor, materials and equipment
  • Site prep and right-of-way regulations
  • Utility coordination
  • Long-term vegetation management plans

Easy Steps to Integrate Your Solar Farm Into Georgia Power's System

  • Obtain cost quotes from your Georgia Power solar project manager to set up high-voltage construction from your existing Georgia Power lines down to a new primary meter, and to set up your electrical facilities from that primary meter down to your equipment.
  • Add in the cost of your solar farm.
  • Georgia Power crews install the primary meter at your property line.
  • Power Services will take it from the primary meter to your transformer, as well as do any site preparations for rights-of-way and vegetation management.
  • You will install your own inverters and breakers.
  • Power Services can provide options on maintaining your electrical equipment long-term, and vegetation management.
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Contact Us

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