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Learn how Georgia Power is Powering Manufacturing Innovation. We provide real technology solutions for a variety of industries. Our representatives will demonstrate some of the amazing equipment featured in this area. Learn about the latest in UV paint curing, the benefits of infrared heating systems, induction heating, powder coating technology, and so much more. Let our Energy Experts show you why it's all about using energy efficiently and why these technologies make sense for today's manufacturing.

Video Transcript

The Cure for Coatings: Ultraviolet Technology

The benefits of the UV curing system:

  • Very fast cure
  • Requires photo-chemical reactive materials
  • Better material utilization
  • Durable finishes
  • Small equipment footprint
  • Energy efficient
  • Very low emissions
  • Low-solvent, low-temperature, high-speed process

A Favorable Finish: Infrared Heating Technology

The benefits of infrared curing, forming, drying and baking for process applications:

  • Cooler plant environment
  • Occupies little floor space
  • Use alone or combined with convection heating
  • Rapid heat transfer
  • Rapid response and easily controlled

Planet-Friendly Paints: Coating Technologies

The benefits of low- or no-emission coating technologies:

  • Powder coatings offer zero solvent emissions and higher finish quality
  • Low-solvent liquid coatings offer reduced emissions
  • All are compatible with infrared curing technologies

A More Efficient Dry: Acoustic-Assisted Drying Technology

The benefits of acoustic and impingement dryers:

  • Reduced energy consumption due to lower air volume and faster drying
  • Production rate increases of 50-70% are possible
  • Lower operating temperature protects substrates
  • Impingement drying uses heated, high-velocity airflow simulating conventional drying techniques
  • Can be combined with infrared

A New Breed of Speed: Motor Technology

The energy-saving benefits of variable-speed and premium efficiency motors:

  • Premium-efficiency electric motors run cooler and use less energy than standard electric motors
  • VSDs improve efficiency of low-load and variable-load operations

Disinfecting Water the Healthy Way: Treatment Technology

The benefits of ozone and ultraviolet treatment methods:

  • On-site disinfection technologies, such as ozone and ultraviolet, lead to greater safety compared to conventional chemical methods
  • Mechanical dewatering is more energy efficient than fuel-based drying

Induction for Industry: Selective Heating Technology

The benefits of induction heating:

  • Rapid, efficient heating of electrically conductive materials
  • Minimal distortion
  • Precise, localized heating
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Applicable to metal and other conductive materials

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