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Helpful Information for
Hurricane Matthew Evacuees

Georgia Power estimates that damage from Hurricane Matthew could include:

  • Approximately 1,000 power poles broken or damaged.
  • Nearly 120 miles of wire (3,000 spans) needing to be replaced.
  • More than 3,500 fallen trees causing damage to electrical equipment.
  • Power has been restored to more than 200,000 customers.


Frequently Asked Questions by those returning home

There doesn't appear to be any damage in my neighborhood. Why is the power not on?

Oftentimes the disturbance which caused the power to be off is not located in the vicinity of your home. In fact, it could be miles away.

Why is my neighbor's power on and mine is not?

This graphic illustrates how an obstacle on a line could create a situation where the service could be on across the street or next door but not at your location. Notice the trees which have fallen on the lines which are preventing the flow of electricity to the houses beyond that location.

Why is my neighbor's power on and mine is not?

Why does it take so long to figure out when my service will be back on?

In an effort to keep our employees safe and due to the mandatory evacuation order from Gov. Deal, Georgia Power evacuated the coast along with nearly a half million Georgia residents. No work could be performed until the extreme weather event was over. On Saturday morning Oct. 8th, our crews were cleared to return to the affected areas. Our first step in the restoration process is to complete a full assessment of the damage to the electrical system; assessments can be delayed by severe flooding, fallen trees and other dangerous conditions. The assessment teams will develop detailed restoration plans, deciding where and how to best utilize our equipment and personnel to complete a safe restoration of services. Restoring power under these conditions is never easy; however, our experienced team members are up to the challenge.

Why are there trucks passing my house to connect service to other areas instead of stopping at my house?

Our employees are focused on getting the service back on as safely and quickly as possible. If you need assistance, please allow them to continue working without interruption and contact us at @GeorgiaPower on Twitter or on Facebook, or call us at 1-888-660-5890.

Power outages and restoration process