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Power Outage FAQs

Customers ask smart questions about severe weather. Click on any common question here for information, and follow us on Twitter for regular updates.

Does Georgia Power turn off the power before a storm?

No. When a major storm strikes, Georgia Power's monitor systems identify lines and substations that go out of service, and we quickly know where to begin restoration. With power turned off, computers couldn't pinpoint damages, and restoration would be slower.

Should I stop the crews in the bucket trucks to let them know my power is out?

No, please. Our line crews are happy to help you when it's practical, but stopping crews after severe weather to ask questions or make special requests only slows restoration for you and your community. If your entire neighborhood has power but you don't, check your meter box and your panel box (breakers or fuses) - they may be damaged. Or call our customer service at 1-888-660-5890.

Why are crews leaving my neighborhood when power is still out?

Crews may need to pick up more supplies, or work on repairs in other areas before power can be restored to your home. Sometimes, working conditions become unsafe. Other reasons could be:

Crews have worked long hours and must rest to continue working safely later.

An emergency situation has occurred and immediate attention is needed.

Should I call Georgia Power every day that my power's out to make sure the company knows I don't have electricity?

After a severe storm with widespread power interruptions, our monitoring systems tell us where power is off. You may call or visit our online and mobile reporting systems to check the status of a previously reported outage.

If my home has structural damage, can't Georgia Power go ahead and turn power back on before repairs are made?

No, sorry. We must follow guidelines in each county for connecting service. Those guidelines protect the homeowner's safety. As a general rule, a licensed contractor must make repairs and the county must issue an inspection permit before Georgia Power can restore electricity to a damaged structure.

Will my account with Georgia Power be credited for the time I was without power?

You only pay for electricity you use. If your power is out, you aren't charged.

Why can't all power lines go underground? Wouldn't that keep storms from knocking out power?

Georgia Power puts lines underground at a customer's request. It is up to 10 times more expensive, so customers who want underground lines pay extra for installation. Going underground is reliable, but it can't stop every outage. All underground lines have to come out of the ground somewhere. Uprooted trees can also snap lines. Remember too that an outage on an underground line takes longer to locate (we can't see it) and repair (crews must dig up streets and yards).