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Prepare for a Hurricane

General Storm Tips

A Family Hurricane Plan can help you and your loved ones be as ready as possible for an approaching hurricane. Make sure everyone in the family understands a Family Hurricane Plan. One weekend in May each year, review the plan.

What's in a good hurricane plan? A checklist:

  • A deadline to evacuate. (No matter what's in your plan, obey all evacuation orders from local officials.)

  • A destination after you evacuate. (Map alternate routes in case roads are blocked.)

  • What to do with family pets.

  • Storage for boats or recreational vehicles.

  • Relatives to notify.

  • Safe places to keep important family papers and keepsakes.

  • Meeting places after the hurricane, if people get separated.

  • Locations of emergency shelters. (Vital if you decide to leave at the last minute.)

  • Duty of each family member before the storm. (Does Dad put plywood over the windows while Mom takes the dog to the kennel?)

  • Phone number of a friend or neighbor if you need last-minute help as a storm approaches.

  • Contact information and a stand-by plan for elderly family members or friends who live alone.

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