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Outage & Storm Center

Keeping you informed before, during and after a storm or outage.

When an outage occurs, you can count on Georgia Power to provide you with the highest level of service as we work hard to restore your power. In an effort to enhance our storm communications to customers, Georgia Power has launched a new service that allows you to Set Outage Alerts. When a power outage occurs, we will notify you by text, email or phone call with the cause of the outage and an estimated restoration time.

Check Twitter for outage and storm updates.

With colder weather quickly approaching, Georgia Power is here to help you get ready for severe conditions in the coming months. Get tips on how to stay warm, what to do before and after a storm and even keep up-to-date with outages and storm reports — all in one place. To learn more, visit GeorgiaPower.com/winterprep!

What Georgia Power is doing to help you.

When a storm threatens, Georgia Power's Outage & Storm Center is your place for information that will help you be prepared and stay safe. View the Outage Map to get an estimated restoration time. Stay informed when your power is out by signing up for Outage Alerts.

How can you be better prepared at home?

Preparation is your best assurance of safety. These tips can help you be ready when a storm hits. Learn More

What Georgia Power does for you

When a storm threatens, Georgia Power readies our Storm Center. We support you with advance preparation, damage assessment and power restoration.

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