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Renewable Energy

Energy Sources

Renewable energy is a term used to describe energy generated from natural resources that replenish naturally over time such as sunlight, wind and rivers.

Georgia Power has procured more than 900 megawatts (MW) of renewable capacity, representing about 2 percent of its generation portfolio. Including nuclear energy, the company produces more than 25 percent of its energy from clean resources. Given the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy, Georgia Power is working to add additional capacity.

Georgia Power has long-term contracts for more than 540 MW of capacity from independently-operated renewable qualifying facilities. The company is committed to continuing to evaluate and integrate all possible resources to generate clean, safe and reliable power for its customers.

Learn how Georgia Power is utilizing renewable energy sources.


As an entirely renewable, emissions-free energy source, solar energy meets energy needs, while allowing us to harness the energy from the sun.
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Fourteen lakes lie behind Georgia Power dams, generating safe, inexpensive and renewable electricity. Our hydroelectric facilities have been providing power for nearly a century.
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One of Georgia Power's renewable energy sources, biomass energy, is derived from using leftovers from tree-thinning activities (wood chips, dead trees, branches) as fuel.
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Landfill Gas

In an effort to better manage the methane gas found in municipal landfills, Georgia Power has begun utilizing the gas to produce power.
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In an effort to evaluate additional green energy sources, Southern Company and Georgia Power continue to study to determine the effectiveness of wind usage for power generation.
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What Can You Do?

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Water Research

Georgia Power and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) are researching technologies to help solve water issues.

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REC Disclaimer:
A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), sometimes called a renewable energy credit, represents the renewable attributes of energy produced from a renewable energy facility. RECs are considered a commodity and can be sold or traded separately from the actual energy. Georgia Power purchases only the null energy output from the renewable generating facilities that have contracted to sell energy from their solar facilities through the Large Scale Solar (LSS) program and the initial (2013/2014) Advance Solar Initiative (ASI). The sole ownership of RECs belong to each generating facility, as specifically stated in each respective power purchase agreement (PPA). The original intent of these programs was to grow renewable resources in Georgia, while allowing the generating facilities to retain the benefits of the RECs. Georgia Power does not report emission reductions from the null energy purchased through PPAs that do not bundle the RECs for sale to Georgia Power.

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